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The Columbia Senior All-Stars vs. St. Louis - August 25, 2002

I have taken the liberty to post some of the pictures that I took of the two teams and after the game.  If you are a participant in the Witness Relocation Program, or for any other reason would rather not have your picture posted, let me know.  I will remove it.  Since I was on the pitch for most of the game, you won't find any "action" pictures, but believe me, there was plenty.

Let me start by thanking our gracious host for allowing all of us to invade his space.  We not only had use of the private field, but were treated to some exceptional refreshments after the game.  Quite a few of us lingered on after the game to enjoy the fellowship and the cool pool waters.  Our thanks to Willy and Greg for organizing the event and to all those that came out to participate in the game.  We played to a 4:4 draw, without injury or malice. 

I'm not sure how we will be able to reciprocate, but we will do our best to make our Columbia friends feel equally welcome on their planned visit to the Gateway City.  We are already working on a venue and date (a "cool" day late in July).  We hope to see all of you then.

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The Columbia Senior All-Stars clubhouse

Click to enlarge The host and team organizers
Click to enlarge Our referee (no controversy this day)

The scene around the pool

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