A Baby Shower for Jennifer in St. Louis (Pt.2)

More friendly faces.  Grace and Elizabeth are part of the St. Louis connection.  Jennifer has another shower coming up in Columbia.  St. Louis definitely has the edge when it comes to beautiful women and faithful friends.

If Cathy hadn't stooped forward, this camera shot by Cherie would have missed her altogether. A million dollar smile!

Leslie and Cherie worked hard to make this party a success.  Leslie is happy because Jennifer is happy and she has an afternoon with the big girls for a change.  Thank you Leslie for being so sweet!

A day off for our lovely Tina.  This was an afternoon for the girls.  The men had to stay at home with the kids for a change.

Grandma and Shirley made it in to honor the expectant mother.  Grandma is looking good for someone in their mid 80's.  

It's looking more and more like some sort of Hollywood celebrity gathering.  Rather than pursuing a movie career, Amy chose to be a mom instead!  Scott was home with the kids.