~~ Dating Days ~~ 

 A very young Chris during his "Navy Days"     A very young Jennifer doing her "Heidi" imitation    Chris, Jenn, and Clayton hamming it up

With friends on a canoe trip    Looking like a "Million Bucks" in Vegas    New Year's in New Orleans

"unmasked" in New Orleans      The engagement ring (a close-up)     Visiting with the family (Chris, Jenn, Grandma, and Mom)

~~The new House~~

A picture of the new house   Discussing plans for the dining room    That nice open Sun Room    Out on the Patio

Our Kitchen    A quiet spot in the attic    Lots of room for visitors    Help!  Send furniture!

The previous owner left his pets (they look friendly)    well, maybe not THAT friendly

~The Wedding ~~

Some "early" Wedding Pictures...  More will be added as they become available, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back often.

The Happy Couple at the rehearsal dinner    The bride-to-be with her brother Chris    Jennifer and the kids

Some of the group at the restaurant    The ladies arriving at the Jewel Box (fashionably late)    Chuckie escorting his mom 

Mike and the Matron of Honor, Leslie    The String Quartet    Big brother Arno and Leslie    The best little ring bearer ever

The best flower girl ever    Dad ushering in the bride    Dad looking very thoughtful, the Bride is gleaming

The Reading I    The Reading II    Let's get on with it!    The ring    The smooch    HEY, WE'RE MARRIED!!!!

The crowd working the bubble machine    More bubbles    And yet more bubbles    Clayton: " I dropped my bubbles!"

The happy couple on the steps    With the parents    And the other set of parents

At the reception... enjoying a delicious wedding cake    A well deserved cool drink for the hardest working couple at the Wedding

Summer sharing a joke with her Grandpa

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